cup of coffee

a perfect

some tips to prepare a perfect cup of coffee


1. Use "BASERO fine Coffe" blend and ground the beans just before use.

2. Boil fresh water, but pour the coffee with water that has just boiled at 97°C.

3. Make sure to ground the coffee beans fine. Otherwise the water will go straight through and the coffee will taste very frail.

4. Provide "soft" water. Using a BRITA filter works perfectly.

5. The recommended ground coffee is 7 to 15 grams per cup.

6. Serve immediately.

7. Use a thermos to keep your coffee hot. Never reheat coffee.

8. After use clean the filter and thermos regularly. Coffee residues affect the taste of coffee.

9. Store ground coffee in a sealed bag or storage box in the refrigerator. This keeps all the flavors preserved.