What is

you might've been drinking it, but do you know what it reall is?

What different factors influence the taste of coffee? To answer this question we like to give a short clarification of how coffee works out, form the coffee bean to the fragrant result ...

Coffee beans are in fact the seeds of the coffee plant. Although there are different varieties of coffee plants the "Coffea Arabica" (Arabica) and "Coffea Canephora" (Robusta) are the most important and well-know species, each with their own specific characteristics.

Coffee plants prosper best in the equatorial areas of Africa, Asia and South-America. Each different country produces coffee with specific quality and taste palette, influenced by the soil, climate and the altitude where the coffee plants are cultivated.

Once the berries of the coffee plant are ripe the coffee beans are extracted, peeled and dried. After this process the coffee beans are called "green beans".

In the "green beans" stage the competence of the coffee roaster is highly important. After cupping the individual roasted samples of different kinds of coffee, the blends are composed and roasted to perfection.

"BASERO Fine Coffee" offers a distinct variety of well balanced coffee blends, combining first quality Arabica coffees of various origins all over the world as well as "limited edition" single estate Arabica coffees carefully selected in different continents. "Basero Fine Coffee" chooses to slowly roast the coffee beans at a low temperature. This procedure guarantees a delightful drinking experience as well as a highly digestible coffee.