a tea drinkers'

how healthy is tea exactly?

In general drinking tea is very healthy, but every kind of tea has its own specific health properties, a short overview:


Black Tea

Gives a relaxing and simultaneously energy because of its high level of L-Theanine component.

Has an detoxifying effect.

Green Tea

Green tea helps reduce the risks of cancer.

Prevents heart diseases and stroke by lowering the level of cholesterol.

Speeds up the recovery after a heart attack.

Green tea is an anti-aging antioxidant. Green tea contains polyphenols which fight against the daily free radicals.

Green tea boosts up your metabolism and therefore suitable for weight loss.

White tea

Improves weight loss / better metabolize lipids.

Cancer fighter: The more antioxidants, the better the immune system.

Low in caffeine (less than green tea).

Good for the digestion.

Oolong Tea

Contains high volume of vitamin A, C and E together with minerals and polyfenols.

Works as an anti-oxidant.

Improves weight loss.

Decreases bloodpressure.

Is used in Chinese medicine for tooth decay and skin diseas.

Herbal - Rooibos

Contains high levels of anti-oxidants and vitamins like vitamin E, pro vitamin A and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium.

Has a relaxing effect for a good night sleep.

Cold Rooibos tea is ideal for babies that suffer from intestinal cramps.