cup of tea

a perfect

some tips to prepare a perfect cup of tea

Teatip #1: Essence

To get the best from your tea, factors such as leaf grade, storage, teapot, temperature, water and timing are essential to ensure the perfect cup.

Teatip #2: Leaf Grade

Use whole, loose leaf tea. Check to make sure the leaf size matches the tea you are preparing.

Teatip #3: Storage

Ensure that the tea has been stored correctly, ideally in an airtight bag or container. Store out of direct sunlight or excessive heat as this will allow the tea to last for longer..

Teatip #4: Teapot

Brew your tea in a good-sized teapot as it needs space to expand and release its flavour. Small teapots and cups do not allow the tea to infuse correctly.

Teatip #5: Temperature

A key factor is water temperature. Certain teas are more delicate than others, so the temperature can affect the flavours and bring out the astringency of the brew.

Teatip #6: Water

Provide "soft" water. Using a BRITA Filter works perfectly.

Teatip #7: Infusion Time

As a rule of thumb, the longer the leaves are infused, the more astringent the brew will become. It is therefore important not to overstep the tea as it tends to turn bitter.

Teatip #8: Timer

Timing is vital, so use a timer, the higher the quality of the tea, the less infusing time you need. Bottom line: Quality has his own way of handling!

Teatip #9: More information

Each tea out of the "Basero Fine Tea" assortment is provided with a "brewing manual". From the quantity one must use until the water temperature and infusion time. The perfect cup of tea guaranteed.