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an inspiring location for industry, craft and trade

BASERO Fine Coffee & Tea is established in the small village of ‘Baasrode’, located centrally within the Kingdom of Belgium, witch village has a long and interesting history.

Baasrode, which was first described in the year 821, has always been a inspiring location for industry, craft and trade. From the middle ages until the beginning of the 19th century Baasrode also had a strategic importance as a harbor.

In the 15th century the medieval rulers of Baasrode build, due to the importance of the village, a beautiful castle next to the river ‘Schelde’ and named it ‘Hof ten Basero’. Since the late 16th century the castle was mostly destroyed by war and rebellion.

From that time the medieval ruin was rebuild several times, so the once so beautiful ‘Hof ten Basero’ was forgotten, and the only trace of it could be found on a map dating from 1571.

Due to expansion of the family business Father Peeters bought in 2007 a house and former factory in the center of Baasrode. After partial demolition of the existing buildings it became obvious that the Peeters family had discovered the remainings - and the location – of the former ‘Hof ten Basero’.

It is on that exact location, and within the medieval cellars and buildings, that Mrs. Chantal Peeters now exerts her profession as a master coffee and tea blender.