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The jewel of sumatra


Above the equator, on the northern tip of Sumatra, lies the province of Aceh, gifted with the ideal climate, elevation and soil to nurture arabica. With verdant vegetation, an abundance of sun, water and trees that are intensely green and lush, it is the origin for the most exquisite Sumatran coffee known as Gayo Arabica.

The Civet is nature's finest coffee connoisseur. This nocturnal, cat-like, mammal seeks only the coffee cherries at their peak ripeness. Once ingested the bean goes through a process akin to alchemy turning the ordinary into the sublime.

The Civet's enzymes enter the bean forever altering it, increasing smoothness and flavour, making it one of the rarest and most desired coffee beans in the world. The moment you let the decadent chocolate aroma of the roasted bean fill your mind, and feel the coffee dance on your tongue, you will experience caramel and chocolate flavour with perfect sweetness accentuated by fruity acidity.

This Luwak coffee is only available in very small quantities as we never sacrifice our standards or quality and only sell natural Luwak coffee provided by civets living in the wild. Because "BASERO Fine Coffee" only wants to deliver high quality coffee to its customers it can assure no to sell inferior Luwak coffee produced by captivated civets.

Luwak coffee is only available on demand

Saint Helena Coffee


One of the most unreachable and rarest coffees in the world.

Saint Helena Island is situated in the South Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most remote places on earth. In the path of the South East Trade Winds, the island has one of the purest environments in the world.

Being a volcanic island with sub-tropical climate Saint Helena's soils are extremely rich.

The coffee produced on Saint Helena's is, due to the rich volcanic soil of the island, its sub-tropical climate and the organic cultivation philosophy, a truly unique coffee sensation.

Over the past ten years, Saint Helena coffee has become known to coffee connaisseurs world-wide, who have been seduced by its distinctive quality and uniqueness.

The coffee is not just a pure Arabica coffee, but a single type of Arabica bean known as green tipped bourbon Arabica. This delicate bean, medium roasted has a high level of acidity with good balance and good body. This coffee has a superb fragrant bouquet with no off flavours and pleasant floral fruity hints of citrus and caramel strongly hinting of its Yemeni origins.

This years' harvest only resulted in 1300 kilo's of green beans. This makes Saint Helena coffee very rare in comparison to the harvest figures of for example Brazil. This goes up to 3.000.000 metric tonnes.

Saint Helena coffee is only available on demand.