your privacy

we respect

  • The collection of personal data carried out for distance selling is required, this information is essential for orders processing and delivery. The lack of information or false indications lead to non-validation of the order.
  • BASERO complies with the Belgian Law of 8th December 1992, regarding privacy protection in relation to the processing of personal data, amended by Law of 11th December 1998, which implements the EU directives adopted on 24th October 1995. This law provides that the company that collects personal data must have the consent of the person concerned, that data must be gathered accurately and should be collected for a precise, clear and legitimate purpose. Everyone must have access to own personal data and the right to modify them. Under the law, the processing of personal information about customers has been the subject of a statement to the Commission for privacy protection. The customer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him; he can exercise this right with BASERO.